Types of Speeches

Speech is a way to express feelings and ideas to a specified audience by articulate sounds. People have to deal with a number of speech-giving tasks in their academic or professional life. Therefore, knowing the basic types of speeches is very useful while preparing a speech. There are five common types of speeches namely: informative, evocative, persuasive, argumentative, and entertainment. We will illustrate all the mentioned types briefly.


Informative Speeches

The name of this type of speech speaks for itself. It is a kind of speech, which imparts knowledge and information about a particular subject matter to a specified audience. The sole purpose of this speech is to secure the interest of the audience and to deliver the information to them. After hearing this type of speech, the audience must learn something new.


Evocative Speeches

Evocative speeches tend to be quite expressive. The speaker imparts the knowledge by being expressive and generous while delivering his/her ideas. The purpose to be expressive is to grab the attention of the audience. Once the audience is interested then they can easily be persuaded by the mere enthusiasm and the easygoing approach of the speaker.


Persuasive Speeches

Persuasive speeches are given in order to persuade the audience to do something and to adopt some particular kind of behavior. For this, the speaker will prove the audience that his/her ideas are sound and beneficial. The focus of this type of speech is to provide ample knowledge about the benefits of the particular action or behavior. This helps in persuading the audience to believe the ideas of the speaker.


Argumentative Speeches

Argumentative speeches are meant to argue a certain viewpoint. Speaker is expected to tell the audience about his/her stance on a particular subject matter. Moreover, the speaker must provide sound reasoning and ample facts and figures to back up his/her argument. In this kind of speeches, the audience is also allowed to ask the questions and to argue with the speaker.


Entertainment Speeches

This type of speech is basically an informal one. The purpose of this speech is to please the audience, entertain them, and to make them laugh. The nature of this speech is to transmit the feelings of enjoyment and pleasure to the listener. The speaker can also tell jokes during the speech to add the aspect of fun in it.

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