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Literature is an academic field of study which requires a creative mind and good language skills. The subject of literature has many subcomponents which are contributing to form this superior subject which is rich in art and makes us aware of the classical as well as a modern way of life. The subject of literature includes poetry, world literature, historical literature, literary theory and creative writing. To write a creative writing paper on the subject of literature can be a challenging task and only students who are well aware of the subject material can attempt such a practice.

A creative writing paper consists of a number of different approaches to literature and academics. Novels, short stories, memoir writing, journal writing, playwriting, screenwriting, creative nonfiction (personal essays) and poetry are all types of creative writing papers. All of these are tricky to write the right content and format is hard to figure out. Students require excellent writing skills to tackle such paper and get an A grade on it.

Memoir writing is a document in which the writer has to express his / her own feelings or write about real life experiences which the write has gone through. Creative writing refers to the personal essays which are written by the writer describing personal feelings and thoughts about a real life event. The other type of creative writing refers to the imaginary stories which people have to make up to write poetry, short stories, narrative writing, journal writing, screenplay and others.

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