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Firstly, they would assist you with choosing the most suitable topic for your sociological research.  How that topic would be molded into a research question, will be professionally dealt by our writers. Moreover, the methodology you would choose will affect your research process to a large extent. The methodology here refers to the way you will assess your data; whether in a qualitative or a quantitative way.  This is determined by the school of sociological thought you follow; For instance, Functionalists would adopt a structural approach by using questionnaires. Interpretivists on the other hand, would incorporate qualitative methods such as interviews.

The second step would be to develop and test your methodology by conducting pilot studies.  A sample would have to be taken which is representative of the population which is targeted.  Our expert team members would then write the prospectus according to the data gathered.
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Drafting would be performed in a professional way with a proper introduction and thesis content; along with the identification of information and methods.  The results would be free of any prejudice (value-free) and would be assessed in a detailed manner. A balanced conclusion would then be presented.

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