Dissertation: Cultural festivities in the United States

Culture is the way of life. It consists of the way people wish to spend their lives. The norms and values are different from every culture. People live different lives in every part of the world because their culture guides to adopt those particular values and therefore, culture is the foundational behavior of every person. Each year, there are many festivals which are celebrated around the year. While there are religious festivals as well, cultural festivals hold their own importance. People who are devoted to their particular culture tend to follow the festivities religiously.

The United States is a place where people come from all parts of the world and a lot of ethnicities have marked their place in the society. The cultures of people who come to America are varied and therefore, there are a number of festivals celebrated each year. The positive thing about the cultural festivities is that almost everyone can follow them and take part in celebrating it without any moral restriction. In 2013, United States experienced the celebration of the Italian culture. The cultural festivities ranged from the golden era of Italian culture to the modern-day culture. It included a dedication to important personalities such as Michelangelo and to the artists of the present time. By celebrating the culture of Italians, the importance of the heritage was shown and respect was given to everyone who devotedly followed or belonged to the Italian culture.

Culture is everywhere. Since it is the way people live, there are only minor differences in the cultures of the world. However, United States has become more culture varied and it has embedded the variety of culture at one place. When people of different cultures come together, there is scope for knowledge and improvement. Culture is not rigid. When celebrating the culture through festivals, other people can also take part and even become interested in it. Not only do they get to know about different people, but some might actually make it a part of their lives as well. For example, the different kinds of music are listened by different people; depending on their interests and tastes. The West has had a high influence on the other parts of the world. People all over the world watch Hollywood movies, dress like westerners and even talk like them.  The United States has been respecting the cultures of all its individuals and by promoting the cultural festivities, a feeling of togetherness is created among people.

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