Essay: A stitch in time saves nine

This statement does not have anything to do with stitching. It is a proverb that means that a timely and cautious effort to complete any task will prevent more work later. In this fast-paced world, attending everything on time is very necessary. On-time effort saves you from later trouble and loss and bags the success for you.

The common trait of all successful people is that they do their work on time. They know how to act prudently in their life. They are well aware of the importance of time. The tic-tock parade of time is never going to stop for anyone. Therefore, it is our responsibility to speed-up our pace in order to catch the fast moving time. On the other hand, the average person is lazy and indolent. He defers his work by saying that he will do it tomorrow; however, this tomorrow never comes.

Delaying every task to be completed at the eleventh hour is a mistake. If you are a student, then you must avoid procrastination. It is true indeed that “procrastination is the thief of time”. Delaying your work will cause you a great deal. Last-minute work can never be compared with the work done on time. Most of the students defer their work and at the last moment, they got agitated. In order to complete their task in a hasty manner they make many mistakes. As a result, they fail to secure good grades.

A damaged thing must be repaired at once. If the damage will be ignored then it will worsen to such an extent that it will render that thing useless. If a crack in the damn left unnoticed it will widen to let the flood cause the disaster. Similarly, if you will not try to solve the problems of time, they will emerge as a huge unsolvable problem in the future.

It is better to understand the reason which causes the delaying of action. A person delays his actions may be because he is over confident about himself. He may believe that he can make everything work even at the last moment. Alternatively, dependence on luck and the lack of responsibility towards the duties are the agents which prompt procrastination.

Hence, actions and duties must not be deferred unnecessarily. The timely effort to complete any task requires less labor and guarantees better success. Non-serious attitude towards the problems and damages will make you regret. It is always better to be punctual and cautious while performing any task. It is a wise saying that “the early bird catches the worm”; therefore, make the most of your time if you want to grab success in your life.

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