Online Learning and Educational Access

Access to the internet has facilitated the lives of people in many ways. While people are able to do things faster and more efficiently, the internet has also helped with the improvement in education. There is a shift from the traditional way of teaching in schools to teaching online with the help of computers and an internet connection. Internet was considered as a luxury when it was first invented. However, in the past years people have experienced greater availability of the internet along with a higher speed and easy access. For people who are not able to travel to places for their improvement in education can easily sit at home and enjoy the same benefits.

The facility of online learning has led to people exploring new things about their personal development. The conventional system of education only allowed specific courses to be studied, but with the emergence of online courses, people can now enroll themselves into a varied number of subjects which are interested in. These courses would help them expand their knowledge and get to know about different subject materials. Even if a student has many responsibilities to fulfill, he / she can schedule the online class according to his / her suitable timings. This would mean that there is a greater efficiency in learning and there would willingness to study and achieve good grades.

The online learning facility is now becoming widespread and even those people, who live in under developed countries, can now get benefited through this online learning. People from disadvantaged backgrounds and those living in rural areas are also being taught through online learning. There are Non- Governmental Organizations (NGOs) who are taking such imitative to educate all people, regardless of their social class or nationality.

There are increasing benefits of online learning and greater educational access available to people but the credibility of these online courses are not defined yet. Employers are reluctant to hire any people who do not have a college degree or has studied from a proper institution. The conventional form of teaching has its own benefits because it has been producing educated adults with highly professional skills. The shift from the conventional method to a modern way of learning through the internet can be criticized by those who think that it will be ineffective. Some people claim that online learning does not keep the person focused to studying because of the virtual communication. However, change is necessary for our society and schools should adopt more techniques of online training so that the youngsters can become familiar with technology because the future of the world will be concentrated on technology alone.

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