Persuasive Essay: Power is Important

Power is important in any society

Society is not a place where equality is provided to everyone because every person is treated on the basis of their economic status, financial ability and most important their influence and power over people. Power is an important concept which is not very commonly discussed.  According to Boe (2004), power is described as, ‘One can say that in organizational terms power is the ability to get things done, to produce change. ‘Power is the ability to effectively manipulate or control a situation of a person. Power involves changing behavior and can be a source of leadership’. 

Linking power with money is logical because a person who has a lot of money can have a higher role in the society but it is not always possible to have more power if one has money. There are other conditions which determine this. The type of society also matters as well as the value of people in it. For example, in a society where people place a high value on traditions and culture will have the power in the hands of people who are well-mannered and have a decent lifestyle, and not with people who have money but no values. Therefore, power can differ.

Power is also linked with politics because once a person is elected to rule over a certain area, they being to think themselves as controllers of the entire society. They impose their influence over everyone and get everything they want done in a matter of seconds. Therefore, power is not only determined by one’s back account balance; but also with their status in society. However, most of the societies these days only worship money and see nothing else as more important. Therefore, money brings power and power means having the right to do anything a person wants and also gets others to do the same. Power means having the right to impose a person’s own values and culture on others and to claim his/her own teachings as being right.

Power is important for a society as it can also be seen from a positive light. The police and government officials have the power to control people’s behavior and stop them from doing anything illegal. Therefore, power is necessary for the society to be under control and not be disorganized. People tend to limit their behavior once they know someone is watching over them. Power has, however, tend to more wrong than right, but it also depends on the society and people who get the authority to exert power.

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