Dos and Don’ts of General Essay Writing

Essay Writing is the most common practice of the academic career of any student. Teachers used to assign students with different types of essay. The most common type of all is the general essay type, which is also known as a five-paragraph essay. A general essay or a five-paragraph essay comprises of one introductory paragraph, three body paragraphs and one conclusive and ending paragraph. No matter, how many essays you have written in your academic career, there are still few tips that you need to know for producing a better result for your essay. Here we will share, few Dos and Don’ts of general essay writing that mostly students ignore.

Do- Pay attention to your introductory paragraph

Remember, the first impression is the last impression; therefore, you must put all your efforts to make your first impression, which is the introductory paragraph, look more impressive and appealing. Introductory paragraph must not only demonstrate your subject matter, rather it must articulate that how you are going to discuss it. The most crucial part of this paragraph is the thesis statement, which briefly describes your stance on a particular point of view.

Do Not- Use Passive Voice

Passive voice is used to tell a situation in which some action happens to the passive subject. Many scholars believe that passive voice sentences are less appealing as compared to the active voice sentences in which a subject actively performs some action.

Do- Make coherent connections

All the sections of your essay must be connected in a coherent manner. The topic structure must act, as an anchor sentence to which all other sentences and sections must be tied firmly.

Do Not- I, Me pronouns

Avoid using personal pronouns such as I and Me. By using these pronouns, you disconnect yourself from your reader and due to this; the reader cannot flourish his interest in the essay. Try to be more general, as if you are sharing a view point to which your reader can relate.

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