Production and Sales of Tobacco Must Be Made Illegal

One of the addictive substance humankind addicted to is tobacco. Nicotine is the chief active element and critical chemical involved in tobacco. It is an oily, yellowish, or colorless liquid. In small doses, it acts as a stimulant. However, the action of skeletal muscle cells and autonomic nerve may be blocked by it if consumed in more significant amounts. It is so addictive that not even a few hours can be spent well by seasoned smokers.

Moreover, it presents intense withdrawal symptoms, although not as harsh as opioids and alcohol. It is important to note that if something is so addictive that people cannot live without it and are making continuous struggles for a lifetime, then it must be made illegal. Dire penalties such as criminal proceedings, jail time, and extreme fines must result in repercussions for its sale, production, possession, and usage.  

Further, wrinkling of the skin on the face and hands and premature ageing are mostly caused by frequent usage of tobacco. A considerable difference concerning appearance can be found between a non-smoker and a smoker. Discolouration in teeth takes place, and fingers also get yellowed. In contrast to cellphones, cigarettes are perceived as more dangerous.

An individual may not panic if a cell phone is dropped on his or her lap. However, he or she may panics if a lit cigarette is dropped. Another primary reason for criminalizing the consumption, sale, and production of cigarettes is because no medical value is present in smoking tobacco. It also has been found by science and research that cigarette smoking is one of the biggest causes of health issues like chronic bronchitis, emphysema, diabetes, and heart disease. It may also cause cancer. In contrast, lousy cough problems are most often faced by smokers. The sale, production, and consumption of tobacco must be made illegal because it is quite unhealthy.