Essay: Should Zoos Be Banned?

Should Zoos Be Banned? Zoos are inadequate environments for wild animals, therefore they should be closed down. To begin with, zoo animals are housed in a relatively small space compared to their natural environment. Second, zoo breeding programs are not nearly as effective as they say. Finally, zoo animals are subjected to a variety of illnesses and other threats. Zoo animals are often kept in small cages and do not act in the same way that they would if they were in the wild. Polar bears, for example, are granted around 10 meters of walking space when roaming hundreds of kilometers in their Arctic habitat. Primates, huge cats, and birds, for example, are frequently kept in cages with little exercise and stimulation. Many animals acquire unusual behaviors such as wandering or swinging from side to side. Supporters of zoos believe that they aid in the conservation of endangered species, however, they are ineffective at this.

Even the world-famous panda-breeding effort has proven to be both expensive and ineffective. In addition, zoo living does not prepare animals for life in the wild. The zoo is an artificial setting in which animals are subjected to a variety of threats. Diseases are frequently transmitted between animals that would never normally coexist. Many Asian elephants in US zoos, for example, have perished after contracting herpes from African elephants. In addition, zoo animals are frequently exposed to harmful chemicals, solvents, and other toxins. Finally, visitors are frequently known to taunt and agitate confined animals.

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