Research Paper Idea: Human Memory And Aging

Human memory is amongst an essential part of the human body, subject to one’s healthy living. Therefore, this paper will emphasize the function of human memory followed by various steps of remembrance and retrieval. Moreover, the paper would look forward to focusing on long and short-term memory along with the element of aging.

In accordance to, Anderson & Bower (2014) human memory is an attribute within the human body, functioning to store experiences, relationships, and remembrance of events taking place in an individual’s life. Human memory is built by diminutive things involved in the understanding and remembrance of the human brain. In this regard, Kensinger (2015) added that this encapsulates taste, feelings, surroundings, and people one interacts with.

Therefore, human memory is capable of storing enormous events and happenings along with quite a few events at the same time. However, it remains important for an individual to be active and respond accordingly to the brain which eventually creates a memory. The brain referred to as memory responds to a human nervous system which actually creates a sensory system for the living of human beings.

Human memory is not a complex function of the body to comprehend, rather it is amongst the most active and quick responding attributes humans possess. The study of psychology suggests that there are various processes of memory that vary from person to person, followed by numerous attributes.

The mechanism of human memory is considered to be indefinable and obscure. Various techniques are matured by different individuals to symbolize their memory in terms of actions and explanations (Squire & Wixted, 2011). Hence, it will not be inappropriate to say that human memory works incredibly, allowing humans to keep long-term, as well as short-term memory. This phenomenon will be described in detail further. These occurrences are followed by various disorders, disabilities, or related complexities.

Memory and aging are aligned together, associated with every human body, said G Bossong (2014). New neurons develop in the early stages of human life which help them in remembering things thoroughly. However, with increasing age and time the blood flow to those neurons seemed to decline with a greater volume with rejects the development of fresh neurons. As a result of this, adults and old people are more inclined towards memory loss with aging.

The in-depth analysis of the paper explains how human memory works and inclines to function in different phases. Therefore, it can be concluded that not every individual is the same and holds various memory, followed by different personalities. Nevertheless, it is essential for individuals to remain active and positive when they tend to lose their memory in old age, as it is known to be a natural phenomenon.

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