Essay on Impacts of Birth Order on Personality

A child’s personality along with his/her behavior and emotions has been found to be majorly influenced by birth order. Unique emotional experiences can be witnessed when a child has a particular position in the family or is born into a specific family. Throughout the order, each spot has its challenges and advantages. For a longer period, undivided attention and love are often required from parents by the firstborn child.

Emotional benefits from this experience are often driven by the child. The child can feel being loved with a sense of self-confidence and security. This eventually will also help the child in stepping into the professional world in the future and become a responsible person. Some of the prime examples of firstborns are many of our heads of organizations and presidents.

However, more often various complex emotional difficulties may also be faced by a firstborn child. High expectations from parents end are often found when it comes to firstborn.

They want their firstborn child to be highly successful so that they can also feel proud of being his/her parents. As a consequence of this, every move made by the child is often critiqued or micromanaged at times.

Some of the common remarks by parents in such cases are ‘why such low marks in some specific subject?’, As a consequence of this, the firstborn child often faces the pressures of becoming a professional or successful equaling with success and love.

Moreover, terrible feelings of loss may also be experienced by the firstborn child when parents give up their love and care to the second born. This eventually leads to the division of attention and love of parents.

Birth Order on Personality

The firstborn child may get jealous due to this unintentional division of attention and care. However, one of the highly positive experiences that a firstborn can acquire in the presence of the second-born is nurturing his/her younger sibling. This eventually will promote his/her capabilities of being sensitive towards other needs of people and loving them. Whereas, the second-born child advantages from self-confident and calmer parents and enjoys the care as the baby.

He/she also avail the benefit of modeling his/her older sibling and learning from them. As a consequence of it, he/she may also be able to read and write at a very young age. Whereas, the second-born child often feels inadequate and terrible as he gets to sit on tools that are comparatively less than his/her elder sibling.