Similarities between Writing an Essay and a Research Paper

Writing research papers and essays are similar in one key aspect that they both are required as part of your secondary and post-secondary school assignments. Typically, both of them follow more or less the same organizational structure, however, essays focus on the thesis stamen and research reports answer their research questions all the way through the paper.


As earlier said that research papers and essays have pretty much the same organizational structure as both begin with an introduction, include body and paragraphs in the middle, and end with a conclusion. In each of the assignments, the research question and the thesis statement is stated clearly and prominently at the beginning of the paper, and usually placed at the bottom of the introduction.



While the amount of the research and its type varies when writing essays as opposed to research papers, it is important to know that both require research material to be included along with referencing. However, it is not compulsory that an essay must have in-text citations or references at the end. When writing research papers, in particular, you are required to do an in-depth research on the given topic, whereas writing essays only require limited research. For instance, a research paper on the history of football would utilize research material from several books, periodicals, journals etc. whereas an essay would only require going through a couple or three sources at the most to defend the thesis statement.

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