Term Paper: Sex Education

Sex education in public schools

The importance of sex education is critical in schools, especially in Pakistan. It is a hushed topic, taboo to talk openly and look down upon if ever mentioned in print or visual media. But the importance is never realized until unless it’s too late. On August 11, Hussain Khanwala village in Kasur revealed a horrific and tragic story in the history of Pakistan. Around four hundred videos of minimum 280 children were forced to perform sexual acts and were distributed among pedophiles and corrupted people in that village since 2006.  They extorted ransom from the family of the victims to keep their anonymity and still sold the videos. Although the people responsible are held and are awaiting justice, it is our duty to teach our children about the sexual predators and how to avoid them.

There is a school in John in interior Sindh where teachers have started sex education. It is a small step but in the right direction. In the class the teacher asks little girls what to do if a stranger touches them, their responses were scratching, biting to screaming. With a population of 180 million, and increasing, sex education is necessary for population control and disease prevention. After John, prestigious school by the name of Beacon House is also starting sex education. Several books have been published but none of them are a part of our curriculum. People keep mixing religion and education that it is prohibited to talk about them. But religion didn’t stop those culprits in exploiting innocent children; education might stop them or even help to catch them.

Few learned ulema such as Tahir Ashrafi says that sex education is permissible by Islamic Law as long as they are segregated and confide to theory and teachers should be females.  Apart from teaching education to females, boys should also be taught about sex education, as they too are victims of domestic and sexual abuse. Several diseases like AIDS, hepatitis and STDs can be avoided if properly taught. Usages of condoms are controversial but necessary to discuss. Pre Teenage and teenage pregnancies can cause a lot of problems socially and physically. Sex Education should not be confused with promoting sex but avoiding sex. Girls and Boys are coerced into sexual act through internet, phones and at times relatives. If they are taught beforehand about the consequences they can alert their parents or even law enforcement authorities. Hence, in the end, it is better to take precaution than to be one of the victims like the Kasur sex scandals.


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