Narrative Essay: Sunrise

The sunrise is one of the most beautiful sights of nature. There is no doubt that sunrise has a peculiar sensation over the human mind and therefore, its praises have been sung by many poets and artists. Sunrise is mostly associated with peace and serenity. It has been assumed that the mere pleasant sight of sunrise inculcates calmness in the mind of the spectator. I would like to share my precious experience of experiencing and watching the first sunrise of my life.

I was quite young when I first actually experienced a sunrise. And the credit for that wonderful experience goes to my grandfather who insisted me to spend some time with him on a Sunday morning. I was a bit reluctant to leave my warm comfortable bed and wake up early even on the weekend when there are no obligations of attending school. However, my grandfather made me leave my bed and took me with him for a morning walk. He said that he would like me to experience the serene scene of sunrise.

We walked a few steps and then set on a bench which has a clear view of the sky. As we set there we talked about different things. Suddenly my grandfather peeked into his wristwatch and said: “it is about to begin”. After that, he instructed me to watch the sunrise without speaking and thinking anything. He said to keep my mind complete clear while having the view. Few seconds later the bluish sky started turning light and the yellow color started to show its presence gradually. Then the egg-yolk-like sun started to appear in the scene and illuminated everything around it with its light. Everything started to become visible and the birds’ chirps added beauty to the scene.

I really felt that it was a scene that worth leaving the comforts of the bed. The early sunlight rally had a healing ability. I felt like I have been purified from all the worries and troubles of my life. Although I was very young at that time to felt relieved from my worries but still I have that feeling. I thanked my grant father for making me experience that serene experience of nature.

Poets and artist are not wrong to hail the beauty of the sunrise. My first experience of sunrise helped me to understand the importance of sunrise. Sunrise also has a healing effect on disturbed souls this is the reason why many physiatrists suggest their patients view the beautiful scene of sunrise.

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