Philosophy Dissertation on Plato

It is a blessing for Greeks that at a time they were blessed with the presence of three great personalities: Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle. Plato’s work and teachings contributed a great deal to the Western Medieval Philosophy. He wrote about ninety dialogues. Plato’s regular theory, from which he got famous, is a popular dialogue in public. Due to the theory of ideas, Plato got his distinct status. There are some methods to prove his theory of the world of ideas. Other famous theories of Plato are Plato epistemology, the theory of ideas, allegory of the cave, and divine line. […]

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Persuasive Essay Topics

Students, in their scholastics years, are mostly assigned to write persuasive essays. These essays are similar to argumentative essays but have a slight difference. Persuasive essays, like an argumentative essay, argue a viewpoint but not for the sake of argument itself. Persuasive essays are meant to persuade the audience by presenting an argument in a gentler and kinder way. As the main purpose of a persuasive essay is to convenience the reader for a certain point of view, it does attack an alternate view. […]

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Term Paper: 7 Cs of communication

Communication is a way of sending and receiving information or ideas by speaking, writing, or using some other medium. Communication is very important because it allows the flow of information from one person to another. We cannot imagine the world without communication. Every single day we come across a number of communications with different people. An effective communication is one, which successfully transfers the indented message to the intended audience.  The effective communication has seven principles, which are commonly known as 7 Cs of communication. We will briefly discuss them all. […]

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Assignment Writing Tips

When it comes to writing the assignment, it is difficult to find an appropriate outline to follow. Most teachers give an assignment to their students without providing proper guidance, therefore, students face many difficulties regarding writing an assignment. Most of the student are able to grasp the idea but are unable to write down their thoughts on paper. […]

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What Makes Essay Writing so Tough for Students?

One thing that students studying in high school and college fear the most is essay writing. It is one of those activities that students hate doing. It is also a very important academic activity at the same time because it leads to completion of academic studies eventually. In high school students need to brush up their writing skills in order to get prepared to write more complicated and challenging essays in the future. Essay writing poses many challenges and students find it really tough. They like having a fun time where they can hang out with friends and spend time partying every weekend. With so many pending work and essay writing they find it hard to manage time. They have to be on the toes all the time because they hardly get any free time. They have to write essays again and again on every academic subject. In this article, we will highlight the causes resulting in essay writing avoidance among the students. What are the common problems that lead to avoidance of essay writing among students?  […]

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Argumentative Essay: Homeschooling and Mainstream schooling

Is Homeschooling is better than Mainstream schooling?

The process of gaining education consists of hard work and struggle and a deep compassion for learning. The ways person gains knowledge can have many mediums. Some people like to read informative books at their past time, which are a great way to learn new things. The human brain is capable of carrying out many creative tasks as it works at a speed we can’t even imagine. However, the conventional style of learning is done through going to school, sitting in class and giving exams. Most people, almost ninety percent, are gaining their basic learning through school. However, going to school can have many drawbacks and some people prefer the safe environment of their home and thus prefer homeschooling. […]

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Essay: Importance of Studying Economics

Economics is studied by students all around the world and it has become a course which is taken for university major as well. In the world of rising inflation, unemployment and exchange rates, the subject of economics hold enormous importance. The study of economics includes using resources in an efficient way. The world in which we live comprises limited wealth, resources as well as time. Economics is about making choices. We use economics in our daily lives. With limitations, we have to make choices and choose alternatives in an efficient way. When we go out for shopping we think whether we should buy clothes, watch a movie or eat delicious food but with a limited amount of money, we have to choose one of these things. […]

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Tips to write a Review Paper

A review paper is a document in which opinions and comments about a particular topic or subject are presented. The purpose of a review paper is to briefly describe your evaluation about the subject material. It could also be a review of a book, movie or any literary piece. The paper should provide an overall analysis of the subject matter, without going into too much detail. The reader should be able to comprehend the overall theme and the review should be written in such a way, as to facilitate the reader to not have to refer to the original text. […]

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Persuasive Essay on Environment

Our actions are affecting the environment

The everyday things we do in life are affecting the environment at a great extent because they are harmful and cause an increase in air, water and land pollution. Human beings have always been the same; wasting their resources and exploiting the environment and taking the pollution level to its extreme level. The global warming is one cause of this activity which has resulted in extreme temperatures everywhere around the world. The things which harm the environment are the most basic things which we use in our everyday use. […]