Importance of Essay writing

Essay writing is one of those activities in high school and college that most students do not like. Some of the reasons include laziness, inability to write using proper grammar and structure, inadequacy to comprehend the main idea, and inability to find credible sources when conducting research. […]

Essay on Lamarck’s Theory of Evolution

Jean Baptiste de Lamarck was a great French Zoologist and a pioneer evolutionist of the pre-Darwin period. In his book Philosophie Zoologique, published in 1809, he elaborated a new theory of organic evolution (evolution of plant and animals) based on the principle of use and inheritance of acquired characters. His theory was based on the following main postulates:

  1. Effects of environment
  2. Use and disuse of organs
  3. Inheritance of acquired characters


Term Paper on 7 Cs of communication

Communication is a way of sending and receiving information or ideas by speaking, writing, or using some other medium. Communication is very important because it allows the flow of information from one person to another. We cannot imagine the world without communication. Every single day we come across a number of communications with different people.

Effective communication is one, which successfully transfers the intended message to the intended audience.  Effective communication has seven principles, which are commonly known as the 7 Cs of communication. We will briefly discuss them all. […]

What Makes Essay Writing so Tough for Students?

One thing that students studying in high school and college fear the most is essay writing. It is one of those activities that students hate doing. It is also a very important academic activity at the same time because it leads to the completion of academic studies eventually.

In high school students need to brush up their writing skills in order to get prepared to write more complicated and challenging essays in the future. Essay writing poses many challenges and students find it really tough. They like having a fun time where they can hang out with friends and spend time partying every weekend. With so much pending work and essay writing, they find it hard to manage time. […]

Essay: Importance of Studying Economics

Economics is studied by students all around the world and it has become a course which is taken for university majors as well. In the world of rising inflation, unemployment, and exchange rates, the subject of economics holds enormous importance. The study of economics includes using resources in an efficient way. The world in which we live comprises limited wealth, resources as well as time. Economics is about making choices. We use economics in our daily lives.

With limitations, we have to make choices and choose alternatives in an efficient way. When we go out shopping we think about whether we should buy clothes, watch a movie or eat delicious food but with a limited amount of money, we have to choose one of these things. […]

Guideline for writing a Review Paper

A review paper is a document in which opinions and comments about a particular topic or subject are presented. The purpose of a review paper is to briefly describe your evaluation of the subject material. It could also be a review of a book, movie, or any literary piece.

The paper should provide an overall analysis of the subject matter, without going into too much detail. The reader should be able to comprehend the overall theme and the review should be written in such a way, as to facilitate the reader to not have to refer to the original text. […]

Persuasive Essay on Environment

Our actions are affecting the environment

The everyday things we do in life are affecting the environment to a great extent because they are harmful and cause an increase in air, water, and land pollution. Human beings have always been the same; wasting their resources and exploiting the environment and taking the pollution level to its extreme level. […]

How to write an easy academic essay?

Writing an academic essay involves putting together a logical argument from a collection of thoughts. A normal essay comprises a variety of various types of material, which is usually organized into distinct parts or sections. This article implies that you have planned your essay, spent time understanding the essay question, gathered material that you plan Read more about How to write an easy academic essay?[…]