Can Smoking be Prevented by Making Tobacco Illegal?

The 20th century saw the spread of the most deadly form of tobacco use: cigarette smoking. Economic development further led to massive increases in male cigarette smoking in developing countries. Until the 1970s, no government took serious action to protect its citizens. Without drastic action to get current smokers to stop, the annual rate of tobacco-related deaths will grow from 5 million in 2006 to 10 million in 2025. […]

The Importance of Reference

The Importance of Reference in Academic writing

The very first thing that you should know is the meaning of reference. Referencing is an act of acknowledging the papers, books, and other available materials published or unpublished that were used while doing your research of an essay or a report. The use of this reference is made twice in your work.

First, it will be used in the body of the text especially in the place or point or word where the source is being referred and secondly, it will be used in the reference list at the end with full details of the source or it is also called a bibliography. […]

Thesis on The Evolution of the Family

With changes brought by the industrialization process, the family was no more a unit of production but turned into a unit of consumption. In the olden days, family members used to work together to make a living. However, with modern technology taking over manual work, most of the production was done in the industries.

Thus, the dependence on family members is reduced. Moreover, fewer children were given birth as the costs of living had risen. This meant that the family had become an institution that was putting pressure on family members.

Checklist for improving your own piece of writing

Revision, editing, and rewriting can nearly always enhance an excellent first draft. You will be able to enhance your writing as you learn to critically examine your own work. The checklists below will assist you in moving from a solid first draft to a better, more polished final draft. You can also hire Essay Writing Solution best custom essay service to get your essay writing work completed for you by professionals. Following is the checklist for improving your own piece of writing: […]

How To: Conclusion To Your Academic Paper

It might be tough to write a conclusion for a dissertation The concluding paragraphs should be clear and concise, summarizing the information given in your study without becoming repetitive. A strong conclusion paragraph can enhance the impact of the information you have given in your paper. The significance of creating a good closing paragraph, how to create one, and some ideas to provide you academic dissertation help to write the conclusion for your dissertation paper are all covered in this article. […]

Easy ways to solve your thesis writing problems

Deciding to write a thesis paper can prove to be the worst decision for any student. Students usually take this decision because they are unaware of the problems which they would be facing. Once you start collecting information on the subject, you would realize that this is not as easy as it seems. For instance, if you want to collect information on accounting principles, you would have to filter the resources online. […]

Production and Sales of Tobacco Must Be Made Illegal

One of the addictive substance humankind addicted to is tobacco. Nicotine is the chief active element and critical chemical involved in tobacco. It is an oily, yellowish, or colorless liquid. In small doses, it acts as a stimulant. However, the action of skeletal muscle cells and autonomic nerve may be blocked by it if consumed Read more about Production and Sales of Tobacco Must Be Made Illegal[…]

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Thesis on Competition and Discretionary Power

Theories of “discretionary power” suggest that market power provides employers the opportunity to pursue objectives other than profit-maximizing. Such power extends employers the latitude to discriminate and pass costs on to consumers since a lack of competition severely limits consumer’s choice of alternative products. A crucial assumption of this theory is that wage rates of Read more about Thesis on Competition and Discretionary Power[…]

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Cashless Economy

A cashless economy is one in which all transactions are done using electronic substitutes of physical cash, such as credit and debit cards, e-banking, or virtual wallets. In a cashless economy, there are no bank notes or coins in circulation. Many developed countries have already converted their systems to a cashless economy. Sweden is one Read more about Cashless Economy[…]