The Importance of Reference

The Importance of Reference in Academic writing

The very first thing that you should know is the meaning of reference. Referencing is an act of acknowledging the papers, books, and other available materials published or unpublished that were used while doing your research of an essay or a report. The use of this reference is made twice in your work.

First, it will be used in the body of the text especially in the place or point or word where the source is being referred and secondly, it will be used in the reference list at the end with full details of the source or it is also called a bibliography.

Reasons for referencing in academic writing:

  • Referencing is used to differentiate your own ideas from others.
  • To mention and refer to a distinguished point of view.
  • To notify the readers the depth of your work.
  • With the help of references, you can demonstrate the nature and the range of the source materials.
  • To give the importance of your opinions either agree or disagree.
  • It helps in validating your text, by pointing out the documented evidence.
  • It must be kept in mind that you should always acknowledge the sources of any kind of information in order to avoid plagiarism.

At the end of your work, the reference should appear in the bibliography or the reference list. The list should be properly managed with full details in alphabetical order and carefully formatted as per the requirements. Be consistent while referencing especially when referencing unusual sources such as TV and radio programs.

It is very important to support your arguments and strengthen the evidence that you have written in your text in Academic writing. It is not only to read and then write but also to demonstrate that you have fully understood the text that you are referring to and can construe the argument that you are making in your essay or report. It should be noted that references are used to support your arguments and not to just replace them.

In the end, as there are different kinds of referencing methods, it is important to check that you have included the full details of the source you used and have made the correct punctuation and formatting such as italics, bold text, or capitals in the list/bibliography or endnotes/footnotes.

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