Importance of Essay writing

Essay writing is one of those activities in high school and college that most students do not like. Some of the reasons include laziness, inability to write using proper grammar and structure, inadequacy to comprehend the main idea, and inability to find credible sources when conducting research.

Essay writing is indeed a challenging task, but it is also a very important academic activity because it teaches students many things that they are unaware of. No student can escape the essay-writing task until he completes his educational career. Therefore, there is no point in ignoring this important task. Besides being too challenging, essay writing is a very good source of learning important things that can help students for a lifetime.

Just like our body is in constant need of a workout, our brain also seeks some activity. Essay writing is your brain’s workout, it has many positive effects on your mental ability. It is indeed vital for any student’s mental growth and development. There is a reason to design a curriculum in which students have to write different types of an essay on different topics. It teaches you many things and you even do not realize what you are learning with every essay you write.

First of all, when you write an essay you need to gather credible information through various sources. Once you collect all the relevant information the next step is to analyze it deeply in order to make sure that it consists of all the important elements required to write the essay. When you analyze the information, you are automatically engaged in critical thinking. You need to arrange all the information in a more structured and logical way.

Lastly, you start writing your essay and at some stage, you have to use strong arguments that must be backed by examples, facts, and figures. When you create arguments, you need to think from different angles in order to make your argument more relevant and convincing.

All these activities collectively lead to strong mental growth and development. You learn to think in a more logical and coherent way. Before you write anything, you need to weigh how credible it is. All these mental activities lead to strong mental growth that is not only useful during high school or college studies but also during professional life. An essay not only increases one’s mental ability, it also helps him/her to excel academically and professionally.