Term Paper Idea: Weird Greek mythological tales

A myth is a legendary or traditional tale, which is usually believed by many people but is not true. A myth can be about a particular event or a hero having supernatural powers to explain some kind of natural or social phenomenon.

Ancient Greek Mythology is very rich and widely known around the world. People still have faith in few Greek myths. However, Greek Mythology is also full of weird tales which mostly contain the incestuous activities and bestiality that sometimes raise the question of the humanity and specifically on Greek culture. This article will explain few weirdest mythologies of Greeks.

The Balls of Uranus

Uranus, the father of the Sky, had an incestuous relationship with his mother, Gaia, the mother Earth. As a result, Gaia gave birth to a bit unhinged child, Cronus. When Uranus imprisoned deep below the Hades the three monster-looking children of Gaia, including Cronus, Gaia got pissed off. Somehow, she found a way to meet Cronus. She was aware of the jealousy that Cronus had for his father’s power. In her rage against Uranus, Gaia ordered her son to castrate Uranus by cutting off his balls. Cronus obeyed her mother and threw the balls of his father into the sea after decapitating them. The balls caused foam into the sea from which goddess Venus was emerged out.

Athena’s Birth

After having an illicit relationship with Metis, Zeus impregnated her with a child. After realizing the shortcoming of his act, Zeus started to seek a way to undone his act. Finding no other way, he just swallowed Metis, in order to hide his sin. As Metis was pregnant, the fetus started fostering inside the head of Zeus. Due to which he got a frequent headache. When he could not bear the pain he asked Prometheus, Hephaestus, Hermes, and Ares to cut open his head. When they obeyed what Zeus said, Athena popped out of his head. Zeus and everyone else believed that Zeus had given birth to a child on his own.

Myrrh the Tree

It is a mythical belief that the tree Myrrh was actually a girl who was turned into a tree by the gods on her own request. She was the daughter of the King of Cyprus, Cyniras. Carnitas used to gloat about the beauty of his daughter. He used to brag that his daughter his more beautiful than Aphrodite. In her anger, Aphrodite cursed the girl to have a lust for her own father. When the king realized the eccentric attitude of his daughter, he became cautious.  However, Myrrh disguised herself in order to sleep with her father. This ensued the pregnancy of Myrrh and later the realization of the father about the sinful act. He decided to kill his daughter to preserve the honor of the family. To save her life, Myrrh pleaded to the gods, and her plea was heard, as a result, she was turned into a tree.