Thesis on environmental issues in Taiwan

In the recent times, Attention has come to focus either on local pollution issues such as public nuisance incidents such as the “Singzon City garbage fight,” which lasted four months in July 1992, or on global problems such as the greenhouse effect, acid rain, and the depletion of the earth’s ozone layer which has created a hole in the upper atmosphere as wide as the United States above Antarctica. All of these problems should not just be known about but also be “addressed” by everyone.

Local practices are probably the most important thing to slow down the further pollution of the environment. Delayed by the late start of environmental education and other related promotional activities, the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) under the Executive Yuan of the central government of the Republic of China was only just recently established on August 22, 1987.

Ever since then, the EPA has worked aggressively on a series of activities, including campus promotions, the publication of pamphlets, booklets, tapes, video-tapes, films, lectures, seminars, community events, and street performances. All levels of education, from kindergarten through university level, island-wide, have become major sites for events to educate students about the importance of protecting our environment, with major support from such agencies as the EPA and the Ministry of Education (MOE), and assistance from local counterparts. Subsidies are offered to schools, communities, and private institutions for sponsoring various events to advance the cause of environmental protection.

Researchers are employed to organize many activities related to environmental protection. The action arises from recognition and involvement from the general public by creating a positive attitude. If this foundation is built, many environmental activities are given a better chance to become successful realities. With joint efforts to protect our natural environment and ecological system by increasing public awareness, there is renewed hope that we will be able to ensure and reconstruct a healthy, peaceful and comfortable living environment for generations to come.