Essay: Modern Technology

Is modern technology a threat to the human spirit?

The era towards which we are advancing will bring along the most advanced technology. The effect that this modernization will create would be questionable. Our moral conscience, which is our human spirit, will not be imprisoned because there are other ways through which our human spirit can be at threat. Also, modern technology would not necessarily harm us.

Great minds have worked together to think of ideas which have been helpful in the invention of some modern machines. By doing this, they have used the power of their human spirit to work as a team and above all, give rise to the sense of acting as a human being. Steve Jobs, along with the help of his friends, was successful in inventing the most renowned devices in the world.

Moreover, modern technology has decreased the time we take for our tasks and this facilitates community sharing and more people can spend time through socializing. Along with the modern technology, came other benefits such as time management, increased productivity and thus increased profitability. Due to this, there was a cut-down in labor hours for most of the firms.  The families could indulge in more family time together and engage in social activities which also benefitted their human spirit. Relationships became stronger and family bonds became closer.

However, there is always another side to an argument. One of the ways which modern technology has made us its slave is through the modern gadgets which have made us dependent. The invention of these machines has led us to do less manual work. People are becoming lazy, procrastinate and are delaying work. We have gotten used to the idea of getting everything we want at the click of a button. This has limited any chance of spiritual growth. Our human spirit cannot nourish if we keep ourselves involved in the digital world. Excessive internet surfing can lead to a lot of problems, given the dangers of cyber crime.

Moreover, modern technology has influenced our human spirit to such an extent that we have become the microcosm of the society’s values. There is no scope left for self- thought and self-improvement as nowadays, people hardly have an opinion of their own. However, the most important factor is a person’s self-morale and inner conscience. Also, innovation and shared practices show that this era of modern technology has influenced our society in a positive way.

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