Argumentative Essay: Corporal Punishment in Education

Children are considered as sacred creatures. Their rights are being safeguarded and protection is being given to children all over the world. In a world where childhood is considered as sanctity, the rule of corporal punishment in school is forbidden and teachers and staff are no longer allowed. Corporal punishment is the use of sticks or ruler to hit a child, when he/she is acting mischievous or any intolerable behavior. It has been forbidden due to the harsh effect it has on the children’s mental and physical health.

The restriction of corporal punishment has led to the lack of power for the teachers. Some teachers are not able to exert their pressure on students without giving them a fear of punishing them later. These teachers believe that slapping, kicking or humiliating children are the only way to prevent any disruptive behavior. Once students get to know that there is nothing a teacher can do to hurt him/her, they do not behave in a disciplined manner.

Corporal punishment can also lead to the damage of emotional and physical growth. Sometimes marks and bruises are left on the body of the student which can also result in mental trauma. Students with sensitive feelings can be easily offended and it can stay in a person’s memory till he/she becomes an adult as well.

Some people believe that corporal punishment does not encourage bad behavior necessarily. However, it affects the brain in a negative way and it can even lead to low self-confidence in the person. The child would also experience low self-esteem.

Corporal punishment is an easy way to keep children on track and focused. More strict measures, such as suspension, can ruin a student’s career. Therefore, corporal punishment can be used to limit the behavior of children. The level of abuse can also vary from teacher to teacher. Corporal punishment can also turn into physical abuse or even worse, sexual abuse; so there needs to be a boundary in which teachers can also limit the way they are treating students.

Parents send their children to gain a quality education. The school authority should maintain rules and regulations about the nature of punishment students should receive. There needs to be some kind of punishment so that the students can maintain order. Otherwise, education would not be considered seriously. Also, there should be fun and interactive learning sessions for students, so that they could gain an education in a more creative way without losing interest.

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