Essay on Benefits of Physical Education

In the past few decades, we have seen that people are becoming more health-conscious. The number of fitness programs and diet changing plans are being taken by people. America was a country known for the high amount of obesity. However, we can even experience that Americans have also changed their way of lifestyle. When health is becoming so important, the first step should be taken by educational institutes to incorporate physical education along with academics so that the students can stay mentally and physically strong. There are many benefits of staying physically active and of regular exercise.

Schools have included the period of P.E in their curriculum which is in the form of sports or any physical activity. Some schools have also placed credit points for these activities. Students who take part in sports or are active in P.E sessions are rewarded with praise and sometimes gifts and certificates. Education is provided in which physical fitness is a major aim. This shows that not only academics but other extracurricular activities are also given importance in the schooling of children. Physical education is beneficial in the physical growth of students so that they can be strong and it can help them with social situations. Some schools also offer additional services such as karate, kickboxing, martial arts, yoga, swimming, dancing, and other sports activities.

The advantages of physical education are clear but it is not that easy to teach and with it, comes a lot of responsibilities. A physical education teacher should be aware of what to do when there is a need for an emergency and should have basic medical knowledge about C.P.R and first aid. A student can also be injured while doing the exercise or playing some sport. Either a health expert should be employed or the physical education teacher should be aware of the health treatments. The presence of a doctor would enable the check-up of students so that they can regularly monitor weight and height and keep the students aware of their health or any diseases they have.

Schools and colleges should consider the participation of each student but they should not force the children who are hesitant to play. Some children are shy or have some fear of not being good at sports or physical training. They are therefore hesitant to participate. A counseling session should be conducted for these students so that they could overcome their fears. Every student should be given equal opportunity and should be treated in the same way. 

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