Research Paper Idea on The Theory of Marxism

In history, there have been very prominent figures that have influenced the way people think about the world. Karl Mar was a theorist and a historian who was devoted to the introduction of the concept of Marxism. Karl Marx claimed that every society consists of two types of people. These include the bourgeoisie and the proletariats. The bourgeoisie is the people who own the factors of production and are the dominant ones in society. The proletariats are people who work for the bourgeoisie and their whole life is dedicated to serving them. Thus, Marxism refers to economical inequality in the society which has created two major class differences.

According to Marx, there was one major distinction about where people stay in a hierarchy. The owners of the means of production consist of the upper class and those who do not own the resources are the working class. The upper class lived a lavish lifestyle as they owned everything and they had an abundance of leisure and activity. They ruled over the working class. The working class worked for their daily wages in the factories and lived poor life. According to Marx, the rigid distinction between these two classes was the cause of capitalism.

Before the emergence of the Industrial Revolution, the members of the church and aristocracy owned the means of production. The peasants formed the working class in those days and they worked for their living. However, since the time of the Industrial Revolution, Marx predicted that there would be a lesser gap between the two classes. However, the gap widened more as the aristocrats were replaced by the bourgeoisies who only thought about making their own profits. The peasants were replaced by the proletariat who worked to make survival possible in their lives.

According to Marx, the system of class differentiation was unjustified. He claimed that if the same pattern continued, then the proletariat was suffered from alienation which means that the repetitive and monotonous work would soon make them disinterested in working and would make them alienated. A feeling of unworthiness would be created among the employees and they would only feel powerless in front of the bourgeoisie.

The document compiled by Marx and Fredrick Engels, The Communist Manifesto, talked about how the working class can all revolt against the upper class and demand equal rights. Marx had encouraged an overthrow of the capitalist system and insisted on more communist society.

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