Term Paper on Cyber Crime

Any illegal activity or harassment did through the use of the internet can be termed as a cybercrime. While the internet, mobile phones, and computers facilitate the lives of many people; it is not a safe place to be. The online world can be used as a weapon to perform deviant acts which would be harmful to people and society. There have been many types of criminal activities which have been conducted in past through the internet. The most common crimes are stalking, bullying and harassment. These are being done by the new generation who are unaware of the dangers which might face them.

Spamming has been prevalent for many years as it has been used to access the personal information of people through emails. Emails are sent to chain customers which can also contain harmful viruses or bugs to destroy the computer’s hard disk. Sometimes these spam messages are used in the form of special offers and discounts which attract people to click.  This was done to attain their personal details and information. Spam messages may make online contact difficult for some people who are frequently attacked.

Fraud is another form of crime that involves the theft of financial resources. It is done to get access to another person or company’s funds to transfer it into their own. Information about client’s account numbers or bank accounts is made and this is an accurate demonstration of identity theft. Cybercriminals hack a person’s computer or a company’s website to make this theft possible. They can take out the money as a loan in the name of the cardholder. Another example of identity theft is when an unauthorized person can hack a wireless network and access the internet for free.

Another grave cybercrime that computer users experience is hardware hijacking.  Hardware hijacking can prove to be a security danger in certain printers. This could be done while updating the printing software which is done automatically by computers. Harmful files may get downloaded during this process. Cybercriminals can gain access to computers in this way, and can even use them to set the computer on fire. Such extreme acts can also be done through the cyber world.

There have been increasing incidents of teenagers getting harassed by their fellow students or friends over the internet. Offensive videos or pictures are uploaded for the sake of fun, which can have harsh consequences. It can affect the victim’s psychological state or can even cause him/her to suicide. Therefore, internet users should be careful while posting anything online and should not share any personal information through messages or email.

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