Term Paper: Risky behavior among teenagers

We live in an era where society is filled with corruption, violence and fraud. While there may be many factors behind this cause, one of the main issues which are causing these adverse things is the attitude of parents towards teenagers. Teenage is a period in a person’s life where the teenagers are prone to making harmful decisions and likely to engage in criminal or deviant activities. This is why juvenile delinquency has increased over the past few years.This brings us to the argument that the teenagers are meant to be treated with love and kindness, rather than impose rigid rules and strict behavior on them.

While there may be many factors which would contribute to this type of behavior among teenagers, it may also depend on the person itself. For example, what kind of temperament the individual has and also the type of people he/she associates with. The experiences which a teenager goes through stays with him/her throughout his/her life and is also said to shape the character and what sort of a person do they become as an adult. Also, if a person has a very rough childhood, then they are more likely to become cold hearted and develop trust issues. They may also have difficult relationships with people.

In some cases, teenagers are not given the adequate care and attention which they need. They are neglected and also develop low self-confidence. Thus, they feel irrelevant and not being a member of the society. Thus, these people may become introverts and at times, the negative emotions may build up and may become violent actions. They show their worth to the world by creating nuisance and unrest in society. These types of individuals are also likely to create disrespect for the society and especially the government.

Sometimes, there may be too strict rules of parents, and other times they may not be affectionate enough. Everything done in moderation is the key to understanding a child’s heart and to fully know what is the requirement of their inner self. There may be many extreme cases of this behavior; sexual promiscuity can lead to teenage pregnancy and also life devastating diseases such as the STDs or many mental and hormonal issues. Therefore, parents and teachers and everyone in the society need to understand that teenagers are required to be treated with adequate care and to develop a trust with them. As these teenagers are the future of our society, we cannot ignore that this is a measure which needs to be taken.

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