Research Paper Introduction on Abortion

Abortion is another controversial topic of today, but people do not refrain from telling their point of view on it. Every person has their own perspective of viewing it. There is neither a right nor a wrong answer; it all depends on the circumstances through which the pregnancy has occurred.

Those in favor of abortion, state that the woman who is pregnant has the right to take a decision as the child would be her responsibility. She is the person who will be responsible for the upbringing of the child and there may be various reasons why she might not be able to do her job.

Abortion may be seen as a disgraceful thing to do, by purposely killing a baby’s chance to enter the world. However, with increasing liberation of women, more rights have been given to them. Therefore, abortion is no more legal in most of the countries.

Some positive aspects of abortion are:

  • Abortion may be the only way to prevent birth difficulties. With the improvement in the field of medicine, doctors may be aware of complications in a pregnancy. Therefore, to save the woman’s life, abortion may be the best way possible.
  • If a woman gets pregnant after being raped, the baby would only remind her of the horrible incident. Some girls get raped at a young age and can not possibly give birth to a child. Therefore, the unwanted baby may be aborted. The psychological effect on the woman after the rape would also reduce a bit, after getting rid of the fetus.
  • The baby may have a horrible disease, which the doctors might predict. By aborting a child, the woman may prevent the child to suffer his/her whole life.


The negative aspect of abortion might include:

  • If the operation is not performed by a specialist doctor in the appropriate way, there may be complications for the woman’s body. The uterus or cervix could get injured during the abortion or the patient would suffer from serious infections.
  • It is a crime because while the baby is still a fetus, it should have the right to see the world.

However, some people abort their baby for reasons like, not being satisfied with the gender of the baby or economical burden. In these situations, abortion should be made illegal.  The research paper should be coherent and the layout should be systematic. Including relevant examples to support the research topic may also be helpful.

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