Philosophy Dissertation on Plato

It is a blessing for Greeks that at a time they were blessed with the presence of three great personalities: Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle. Plato’s work and teachings contributed a great deal to the Western Medieval Philosophy. He wrote about ninety dialogues. Plato’s regular theory, from which he got famous, is a popular dialogue in public. Due to the theory of ideas, Plato got his distinct status. There are some methods to prove his theory of the world of ideas. Other famous theories of Plato are Plato epistemology, the theory of ideas, allegory of the cave, and divine line.

When he describes his theory of the world of ideas, he asserts that there are two worlds and he contract these two worlds namely sensory world and intelligible world. According to Plato, the sensory world is the changeable world. This world is in constant flux. This world is perceivable by means of senses. On the other hand, there is the intelligible world. This world is unchangeable. The sensible is just a replica of this intelligible world. This world cannot be perceived by means of sense. To comprehend this intelligible world, the only source is intellect or reasoning. Plato posited that every good and ideal thing belongs to the intelligible world. The goodness of this world can be attained through education.

He believes that all the things in this sensible world are a copy of the ideas that preside in the intelligible world. And whenever an artist takes the reference form this sensible world, he actually copies from the copied thing. It is like Imation from an imitation.

He also plunges into the debate of soul and explains that ethical soul has three parts: appetite, spiritual, and rational. These three parts are so important because these three things together form justice in the society. Is appetite soul, the rational soul, and spiritual soul, do their own work then justice will be served. If everyone, in the society, is honest with his or her own duties, then society will establish ethically.   Appetite and Spiritual nature of the soul are like horses and rationality is like a rider of these horses. It implies that rationality leads the soul. Rationality is the guiding quality harmony, Justice, and success will be found in the society. The three parts of the soul are classified as follow:

Appetite = lower class like fishermen, craftsmen, etc

Spiritual = Warriors

Rational = Rulers

His idea of the sensible world as a copy of intelligible world has changed the over all prospective of judging things. His classification of the soul is still considered as most insightful theory ever suggested by any philosopher.

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