Review: Ashley O – the Best Character of the ‘Black Mirror’

In the pop digital song sales chart of Billboard, the ‘on a roll’ of Ashley is debuted in the top twenty. In the United Kingdom, the long-awaited concert debut was made by Ashley O at the Glastonbury Festival. The hit song ‘on a roll’ was performed by Miley Cyrus – the recent alter ego of the pop star. The character of Cyrus and the track was debuted in Black Mirror – the most recent season of Netflix and have taken then on a life of its own. However, among television critics, the increasing popularity of Ashley O by Cyrus in the episode of Black Mirror appeared to be divisive incredibly.

As starting with the international pop star coming undone due to the pressures to keep up her pop and uber-positive persona, the episode has shown Cyrus riffing on her individual experiences with the industry. Moreover, for pulling off the role, strong notices were drawn by the actress, yet still, the entire episode was criticized for going off the rails wildly without representing any significant depth. In contrast one of the critics Ben Travers comprehended the episode as a complete mess. As he indicated that the entire thing is quite cartoonish and it is not possible to consider any aspect seriously. Moreover, the discussion is all about the replacement of pop stars with holograms.

Lastly, Ashley O is perceived as one of the best characters as she has served us with vocals, beats, and looks on ‘On A Roll’ – the hit track that also has resulted into huge popularity on Twitter. Played by Miley Cyrus vigorously, Ashley O is an upbeat pop screened in her starting 20s. Bopping the lyrics to ‘On a Roll’ titled by the chart tope the pop singer has appeared with a dazzling shine to her customer and violent hair. Emotional truths have been addressed gracefully by Ashley O.