Report on Increasing Usage of Private cars

As the world has advanced in every aspect of life, transportation has also transformed to a great deal. There are hundreds of private car manufacturing companies, producing a number of cars each year. All these companies are in a quest to invent a vehicle that will provide people a comfortable transportation. The allurement of owning a private care has outshined the public transport. People are now becoming more and more inclined towards private cars. All the private car-manufacturing companies are simply fulfilling this inclination of people. The main reason behind the increased demand for private car is the inefficiency of public transport. However, the increased usage of private cars has some negative impacts besides its benefits. 

In this fast-paced world, everyone wants to find new ways to tackle the time-related issues. To reach to their destination, as quickly as possible, people opt for private transports, as public transports are usually less reliable and less efficient. Moreover, the discomforts one has to face while traveling in a public transport motivates him/her to buy a private car. The comforts of a private are indeed unmatchable. The increasing demand for cars, however, has some drawbacks. The most prominent drawback of excessive usage of private cars is vehicular population. Due to vehicular population, the quality of air in cities has become tarnished. Those cities, which have a greater number of vehicles, are likely to have highly polluted air. The contaminated air causes different diseases related to respiratory system.

The increased number of cars on streets causes traffic congestion. Private cars were meant to save time, but ironically these cars waste its subject time. When someone gets trapped in a traffic congestion, he has to bear the negative consequences of reaching late to his destination. Moreover, the present infrastructure of cities has failed to overcome the traffic problems and have proven itself incapable of handling more vehicles. We witness many accidents in our daily lives in which countless lives are lost. The research on this subject shows that the main reason behind the increase in the incidences of accidents is overcrowding of private cars.

Indeed, private cars have become a necessary part of our lives, but increased number of these cars also leads to many problems. The way to tackle the situation, the government should upgrade the efficiency and reliability of public transport. If people will find public transport more reliable than they will be reluctant to buy private cars.

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