Report on Global Warming

Keeping your city clean is one of the most basic responsibilities of a good resident. The global warming has affected the ozone layer, which has resulted in extreme temperatures in many parts of the world. To reduce the effect of global warming, we need to take measures to stop the use of CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons).  The change needs to start on an individual level. We need to reduce the private transportation and start using the public transport as a means of traveling. There are also other measures which can be taken to reduce the effect of global warming.

Obviously, this change would be hard to make but if the proper measures are taken by individuals and the government, then something is possible. If people are made aware of the underlying effects of reducing the smoke in the air and are told in detail about the health benefits of a clean and fresh air, then something can happen. People need to take a group measure to reduce their use of private transport. Governments can take measures to decrease the cost of public buses and increase the standards and facilities of it. The price of the cars should be increased so that fewer people can buy it.

Plastic also disrupts the system of recycling so anything with plastic or plastic bags, in general, should not be made and used. This could include a ban of shopping bags for groceries and instead, use sack paper bags. The increasing use of plastic may only end up in a heaping amount of waste material gathered to be dumped. This would go into the incinerator and the harmful smoke would affect the health of the people in a harmful way, as well as pollute the environment largely.

Global warming has been increasingly taught to children in schools. Therefore, people are becoming more aware of the harmful effects it will create in the future coming years. Change does not happen in an instant; it needs time. The shared effort of all people can create wonders. The Earth is the place we live and as human beings, it is our responsibility to protect it from causing any drastic natural hazards. It is the time we understand that our past and present actions affect our future to a great extent. Only then can we know how much the Earth needs our help. Therefore, the change should start from today, now, at this very moment.