Strategies For Mitigating Cyber Security Challenges

Mitigating Cyber Security Challenges

Currently, Information and Technology systems require complex security systems to protect existing networks from threats both external and internal. Such systems can be firewalls, systems for detecting and preventing intrusion, and patch management solutions, along with anti-virus software.  These solutions produce large amounts of log information that may be stored and use for improving the system.

This log data has to be analyzed and compared with each other. This is a complex and difficult task in its own right. IT offers tremendous support to businesses and the process of adequate management of security risks involved. It is an important requirement for businesses that depend on Information Technology as part of their operations.

The main part of this is the preservation of important aspects such as confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data. This can be done using policies, practices, procedures, functions and software designed to improve data management and security in these systems. This would suggest that the process of managing security has to be continued due to the requirements being changed constantly and rapidly. The variables are threats, attack techniques, vulnerability levels, expected attack frequency. Such processes ensure that vulnerabilities are targeted thoughtfully, efficiently, effectively and in a timely manner.

Such processes may start with quick scans for determining the current state of IT security in and around the businesses. This may be followed by describing the current situation and implementing policies, as well developing, auditing and administering procedures so as to ensure policy compliance and implementation. Security management in businesses usually has the following parts: security risk assessment and information security planning; this identifies and analyzes attacks, threats, vulnerabilities, as well as probability of occurrence and all possible outcomes for the system. This can be used to provide recommendations for improvement .