Types of Essays

An essay is a concise piece of writing that aims to educate or persuade the reader. While there are several different types of essays, they are usually grouped into four main essays, which include expository, argumentative, descriptive, and narrative essays.

Some essays tell a story, some are descriptive and want to convince people to change their minds. Argumentative and expository essays consist of conveying facts and presenting relevant arguments. In contrast, narrative and descriptive essays are concerned with describing oneself creativity and writing in an entertaining fashion. Argumentative essays are the most common form of essay at the university level.

Expository Essay

An expository essay discusses a subject and concisely. It does not require an original statement but rather a well-balanced and well-organized viewpoint on the subject. Expository essays measure your awareness of a subject as well as your ability to arrange and communicate information. They are usually assigned in high school or used in college test questions. Writing an essay is a daunting task, especially when you do not have enough time to complete it. Which is why many students buy essay online from Essay Writing Solution. They have professional writers to help you with any essay style and topic.

Argumentative Essay

An argumentative essay is a piece of writing that provides a long, fact-based argument. It necessitates a clear thesis statement which is a well-defined stance on your subject. Your aim is to use facts and interpretation to inform the reader of your study. The argumentative essay consists of an introduction, body, and conclusion. With the addition of rebuttals, which are often used to demonstrate the opposite side of an argument, the basic layout of a convincing article is identical to that of an expository essay. If you are not sure how to structure or start your argumentative essay you can always seek essay writing help Essay Writing Solution.

Descriptive Essay 

A subjective representation of something is given in a descriptive essay. Like narrative essays, encourage you to be more innovative than most academic writings, but they are more broadly oriented. Rather than describing a story, you might explain a particular location or object.

A descriptive essay can be quite loosely organized, but it should typically start with an introduction to your explanation’s object and conclude with a synopsis of it. The most crucial thing is to create an original definition of your object by deliberately choosing words and using figurative terms.

Narrative Essay

An essay that describes a narrative is classified as a narrative essay. A narrative about a personal encounter, but it may also be a theoretical analysis about something you have not had. Narrative essays measure your ability to weave a convincing, well-structured plot. They are much more intimate and imaginative than other types of scholarly essays. The skills required to compose a personal statement for an application are the same as those required to write a narrative essay.

Although a narrative essay is not specifically separated into introduction, body, and conclusion, it can always begin by setting the scene for the tale and concluding by expressing the story’s point, what you learned from your experience, or why it left an impact on you.

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