What Makes Essay Writing so Tough for Students?

One thing that students studying in high school and college fear the most is essay writing. It is one of those activities that students hate doing. It is also a very important academic activity at the same time because it leads to the completion of academic studies eventually.

In high school students need to brush up their writing skills in order to get prepared to write more complicated and challenging essays in the future. Essay writing poses many challenges and students find it really tough. They like having a fun time where they can hang out with friends and spend time partying every weekend. With so much pending work and essay writing, they find it hard to manage time.

They have to be on their toes all the time because they hardly get any free time. They have to write essays again and again on every academic subject. In this article, we will highlight the causes resulting in essay writing avoidance among students. What are the common problems that lead to avoidance of essay writing among students?

Too Complicated

Essay writing is no doubt very complicated. Students have to work very hard to stand a chance of getting good grades. Every time they try to write a quality essay they just fail to do so and as a result, end up getting bad grades. They fail to meet the expectations of their teachers and it leads to complete avoidance.

Poor Research Skills

Apart from being too complicated, essay writing also requires top-quality research work. Every time student writes an essay he needs to make sure that the sources he seeks for gathering information are credible. If the sources are not reliable then their essays can be rejected by the teachers. They indeed work hard but at the end of the day get disheartened because their teachers do not accept their work. This leads to complete avoidance of essay writing.

Poor Writing Skills

Apart from poor research skills and being too complicated students also face problems related to writing. They have poor writing skills and they fail to write essays according to the requirements of the teacher.

They fail to follow the complete instructions of the teacher and it results in poor grades. This too leads to avoidance when it comes to writing essays. Students get disheartened thinking that no matter how hard they try they will eventually end up getting poor grades.

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