Term Paper on 7 Cs of communication

Communication is a way of sending and receiving information or ideas by speaking, writing, or using some other medium. Communication is very important because it allows the flow of information from one person to another. We cannot imagine the world without communication. Every single day we come across a number of communications with different people.

Effective communication is one, which successfully transfers the intended message to the intended audience.  Effective communication has seven principles, which are commonly known as the 7 Cs of communication. We will briefly discuss them all.


The first and foremost rule of communication is to be clear whenever you write or speak your idea. Clearly state whatever you want to, otherwise, you will be misunderstood. Be precise and to the point while communicating with someone. Moreover, avoid using jargon and difficult words that an average person cannot understand.


In the fast-paced world, no one actually has time to listen to long conversations and to read lengthy and descriptive passages. Moreover, long and descriptive communication has chances of errors, confusion, or misjudgments. Therefore, be concise to be effective.


You must give a clear picture to your audience about what you are telling them. Your message must be organized in a way that your audience easily comprehends your message. Add details (not unnecessary), and vivid facts to make your message solid.


It is the most important principle for effective communication. Your message must not contain any grammatical error, spelling problems, incorrect use of tenses, overrun sentences, and other structural problems. If your message is not correct then people will not understand what you are telling them.


When your communication is logical, it is said to be coherent. Your entire message must focus on the points that are relevant to the main topic. Every segment of your communication must be logically ordered and the tone and the flow of it must remain consistent.


Obviously, you cannot expect anyone to understand your ideas if they are presented in incomplete sentences. Say or write every detail you want to transfer to your audience in complete and well-structured sentences.


Try to be courteous while communicating your ideas to someone. Avoid using sarcastic comments and hidden insults.  Always have a polite tone, it will motivate your audience to listen and read your ideas open heartedly. Do not try to impose your ideas; always keep a room for the understanding and feedback of your audience.

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