Essay: Eating Right Could Change Your Life

The saying that ‘’you are what you eat’’, has become the motto of people who want to live a healthy and fit life. Firstly, the size of your meals should be measured according to your body type. For instance, if you are a person who wants to lose weight, then you should try to include fewer carbohydrates and more vitamins. For people who want to gain weight, may focus on fiber and proteins as they possess characteristics to make you gain a few pounds. Also, the major rule for every diet is that breakfasts should be heavy, lunch should be moderate and dinner should be tiny.

For a thorough step to step diet plan, a nutritionist should be consulted as you may be allergic to certain food types. For example, some people are allergic to dairy products as they also cause skin problems because there is a hormone called IGF-1 in milk which may cause breakouts. Research has shown that dairy processed foods may cause our skin to produce excess sebum oils and glue dead skin cells together. Thus, if acne is what you experience, you should avoid milk and other dairy products. However, some people who cannot quit milk can make use of skimmed milk which will be less harmful.

Planning to get the right figure with the perfect measurements can depend heavily on your diet. Evidence states that your food plays a 70% part in determining what you look like. Nuts and dry fruits and great for the skin and keeping you healthy and active throughout the day. Fruits are a must to be included in the diet of an individual, as they contain a great amount of benefits for your whole body. Water should be drunk in heap amounts as it can make your skin glow and your mind to relax, and also regulate your digestive system.

A person should not make eating habits a big deal and should eat what they love, keeping in mind how it will affect their body. A daily chart should be organized as what to include in your meals. The key is variety, as you should involve the use of different kinds of food. Vegetables should never be avoided, as they make your skin look younger. However, it largely depends on whether you eat to live, or live to eat. Perspective is what matters, and a person should never do anything half-heartedly. A healthy lifestyle could determine whether you succeed or fail in life.

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