Term Paper: Privacy in the age of Technology

While the age of modern gadgets and technological advancement has changed the experience of living for many people, they have also been harmful in some way or the other. The modern technology is known to be a savior for people as it has opened many horizons for ordinary people and their ordinary lifestyle. However, if a person is addicted to technology, they should be aware that it can be unsafe at times. Therefore, people need to be sure about the privacy measures otherwise, they would become the victims of modern age crime. This type of crime is becoming very common as more and more people.

There are a number of websites on which people store their private information such as pictures, videos, messages and other personal information. While these websites are security protected, the reality is different. The use of passwords is made to secure information. However, the passwords which most people use are not appropriate enough to store information in a safe and protected way. Most people do the mistake of keeping the same password across different websites or they even put a really simple password such as their name or date of birth; which is accessible to any outside person. A password must be long and something about which nobody knows; except the user himself / herself.

Another common mistake which most people tend to do is that they do not delete their short term data off their accounts. Web browsers and email accounts need to be sorted time by time, and this is a practice which most people don’t do. In the later time, these cookies and temporary information become the cause of viruses and malware. This could also make the data become lost and hard to recover. Therefore, any temporary files should be deleted from the computer or the phone.

The next problem is that the anti-virus software which people use does not work properly. Since most people tend to download free anti-virus software from the internet, they are under the false impression that it will solve all their virus issue but in reality, the scenario is different. The people who advertise for free anti-virus are just earning money for another download but the software does not have the ability to protect their computer from any real damage and that is the reason why anybody can get access to one’s personal data through a virus or a malware.

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