Essay: The Pen is Mightier Than Sword

The pen is mightier than the sword is the most often-heard statement, said by Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton. This statement implies the greatness of words, knowledge and education. The world has experienced many instances in which the power of pen has changed the world or twisted the history. One of such instances if the French revolution that was the result of the influential writings of the great philosophers like Rousseau. The words have the last longing and positive impact on its reader or its listener. 

Pen is an umbrella term, representing education, opinion, ideas, and knowledge. Whereas sword represents the physical force. When someone uses his or her pen power, the listener and the reader have the choice to accept or reject the idea. While sword’s power compels its subject to silently surrender to the authority. The use of physical power is indeed questionable, as it harms the freedom of choice of an individual. Unfortunately, our world is more inclined towards the use of force for the attainment of power and wealth.

The power of pen has a deeper impact; it fosters the intellect and rationality of the listener/reader and invokes particular emotions such as love, sorrow, happiness, joy, etc. The words carry with themselves the ideas or intellect of the writer or the speaker.  According to Horace, “The pen is the tongue of the mind”. However, the simple analysis of the use of words would not be justified. It is indeed true that words have a deeper impact, but it does not mean that words only have a positive impact. In the history, there exist many cases in which words were used to spread some propaganda. None is unaware of the fact that the physical imperialism of the Britishers was eradicated but the propaganda promoted in the forms of writings of that time of that time has engraved the unending slavery in the mind of colonized people.

Words’ power is mightier than the sword’s. Therefore, it is necessary to also analyze what a person is about to write/say and how it will influence its audience. Promoting propaganda for some cruel means is not a good thing. Moreover, abusing someone with words hurt deeper than the physical harm. The injury on body soon recovers, but the injury of soul given by the words never recovers too early. Conclusively, pen, knowledge, ideas, opinions, are mightier than the sword of any implied physical force.

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