Introduction to Health Breakdown

Health breakdown can result in many different types, however, some of the most serious ones are a mental breakdown and nervous breakdown. Mental breakdown and nervous breakdown are dated phrases eventually that defined some kind of physical or emotional stress that eventually leads to individual lead issues related to the daily functioning of life.

In the past, the huge range of mental illnesses was categorized under the term of a nervous breakdown. However, it now has been confined to a particular medical condition. Nonetheless, the so-called nervous breakdown still largely remains a sign of underlying and recognized mental health condition like PTSD – post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, or depression.

Thereby, the symptoms and signs of what some individual may still prefer as a nervous breakdown may depend on the underlying conditions related to the medical health. The symptoms of the nervous breakdown differentiate from one individual to another. Whereas, the causal factors behind the breakdown are the reason due to which the treatment of different types of a nervous breakdown is present. The symptoms of nervous breakdown do not have any descriptions as they do not have any significant links with any particular medical condition. Moreover, differences also prevail with respect to families, regions, and cultures when it comes to defining an individual who can be perceived as completely normal and functioning.

Some of the sixteen symptoms and signs of mental or nervous breakdown are sweating in absence of any danger or threat, dry mouth, racing heartbeat, flight-or-fight symptoms, severe nightmares, frightening flashbacks. Some of its symptoms also are speaking or moving slowly in comparison to normal mode, menstrual changes and a lack of interest in sex, thinking about harming oneself or suicidal thoughts. They also include lack of tolerance towards other individuals, unexplained pains and general aches, being unable to get fulfillment or enjoyment from things that bring satisfaction or joy normally, lack of interest and motivation in things.

Some of its symptoms can also include feeling consistently physically exhausted and emotionally drained or may facing difficulty in remembering or focusing on important dates or events. These symptoms of physical and emotional stress can be reduced efficiently through some of the treatment options. For a nervous breakdown, some of the common prevention and treatment strategies involve: avoiding the use of illegal drugs, avoiding the excessive use of nicotine, alcohol, and caffeine, acquiring a distraction-free sleeping atmosphere for encouraging quality sleep, keeping healthy eating and sleeping schedules and many other.