Term Paper: Success without formal education

I will admit ‘Think outside the bun’ is, by far, the funniest slogan for a fast food franchise. In fact, I started laughing hysterically when I read it on the menu card of Taco Bell, on my last visit to San Francisco. ‘Laugh all you want,’ my tour guide had shaken his head disgustedly ‘but you have no idea what pains Glen Bell went through for a franchise as big as this!’ Glen Bell, my friends, was an average high-school graduate who did not attend college and instead went on to derive an affluently operated fast food chain from a humble hot-dog stand.

Education is a luxury that comes with a price. To some, this price is money. To others, it is time. And to the rest, it is a matter of sheer interest. Henry Ford was forced to look after the family farm after his mother’s death during his teen years and hence did not go to college. John Rockefeller could not complete his education because of his father’s constant nagging aimed to divert him towards ‘making money’. Mehdi Hassan did not attend school as a result of financial constraints, following the partition of the subcontinent. Will Smith dismissed an offer of pre-engineering summer course from MIT to pursue a career in ‘rapping’.

Education is an important component, needed to carve goals. But is it a foremost component? Maya Angelou is reported to have said ‘Some people, unable to go to school, are more educated and more intelligent than college professors.’ Henry Ford went on to become a world-renowned industrialist and the founder of Ford Motors. John D’ Rockefeller founded not only the fruitful Standard Oil Company but also founded and funded illustrious institutes such as the University of Chicago and Rockefeller University.

Mehdi Hassan went on to be entitled as ‘Shehanshah-i-Ghazal’, becoming a legendary Pakistani Ghazal singer. Will Smith is a four-time Grammy-Award winner, with a net worth of $250,000,000. How did they grow? As of Jim Rohn’s quote ‘Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day.’ the growth of these personalities has been nourished solely by their talents and staunch determination; components that are not acquired simply via education. They are an inborn tendency. If Glen Bell would not have thought ‘outside the bun’, the world would have never been blessed with the bounty of Taco Bell; which is a huge success.

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