Essay: Life in a Society

The advantages of living in a society

Human beings do not live in the society for the sake of just surviving; they do it because they want to have a good life. As we all are in the society for a reason, the society provides us with benefits which are necessary for our survival. There are many individual needs which are fulfilled by becoming a part of society; one can satisfy their economic needs, self-preservation and mutual aid during childhood and adult age. However, unlike a human being, a society provides enormous benefits for the growth of one’s body, mind, and character. An individual can learn about various forms of art, learn about philosophy and other studies done by different people. Knowledge can be gained about the culture of different people and information about various styles of living can be gained through the society.

Division of labor is the concept of a task being divided among various members who each do their own work in a specialized way. Through the division of labor, the production process can be made more efficient and the burden of work can be reduced. More people are always better than one. Hence, a society is a group of members and these members work together to provide for the needs of each other.

Moreover, society also provides a person with free time, of their work routine. A person can indulge in leisure time where they can do anything of their interest. The routine of earning and creating a livelihood is important for the economic need but for the inner satisfaction, one also needs leisure time to spend time in which they can connect with the world or simply have fun. Having fun in life is important and the society also benefits us by providing us with various choices to spend our free time.

The human being has great potential for growth and improvement. The society provides with resources for the development of one’s minds, body, and soul so that an individual can become the best possible version of themselves. The resources would depend on one’s purchasing power and what facilities can one enjoy in life. Therefore, the life experience for people would be determined by a number of factors. These could include their social class, race, color or even ethnicity. It all depends on where a person lives and what opportunities do they avail when life gives them the chance to do so.

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