Persuasive Essay on The Internet

Will the Internet bring people of the world closer together?

The internet has been known as a facility to make people’s lives easier by searching for information, watching movies or videos for entertainment, or connecting with their loved ones. Social networking websites are popular amongst the youngsters of today but it has also proved to be harmful in the case of privacy. Globalization has occurred and has brought the world together as one entity. Video calling and online chatting have made communication easier between people of different countries. The further invention of smart phones has brought information on the footsteps of people. However, the reality is different that what it seems.

The Internet is a vast network which involves millions of users connecting with each other. It has further facilitated freedom of speech as social forums are used to express opinions about various issues or people. Twitter, Facebook and YouTube have all become the platforms for freedom of speech. However, sometimes these opinions or views could hurt another person’s sentiments. Especially in the case of religion and nationality, nobody tolerates harsh comments about their own religion or nation. This creates differences between people all around the world. So rather than respecting each other’s difference in opinions, people start criticizing and become aggressive.

There have been conspiracy theories against the security of information over the internet. This is true to some extent as cyber crime is increasing every day and it is prevalent in many different forms. It ranges from identity theft, hacking and other serious crimes. The internet was invented for the benefit of humans but it is being used against us so that surveys could be made about other people’s ideas. There has been no absolute proof of this claim, but people should still make use of precautions. No personal information should ever be revealed online as it can backfire against a person. There have been many cases in which horrible incidents have taken place due to online tracking, or stalking of information.

It is the human nature to exploit the resources provided to us. The internet has numerous advantages. Information about anything anywhere can be accessed on the fingertips of people but to misuse this information is an ethical issue. Our society is advancing so quickly that it has left behind its moral and ethical values in the name of modernity. Hence, the internet brings people close but can also cause them to go far against each other as well.

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