Persuasive Essay on Environment

Persuasive Essay on Environment

Our actions are affecting the environment

The everyday things we do in life are affecting the environment to a great extent because they are harmful and cause an increase in air, water, and land pollution. Human beings have always been the same; wasting their resources and exploiting the environment and taking the pollution level to its extreme level.

Global warming is one cause of this activity which has resulted in extreme temperatures everywhere around the world. The things which harm the environment are the most basic things which we use in our everyday use.

The lighting system of a house mostly consists of bulbs that are extremely harmful to the environment. The energy-saving bulbs use non-renewable energy and this energy is extracted from exploiting the natural resources of the environment unless the energy is renewable.

Persuasive Essay on Environment

The bulbs also have poisonous toxins in them which can seep into the water level once it is disposed of. The water would then become polluted which will have an adverse impact on the marine life and the people who use seas water for drinking purposes or everyday use. Therefore, one should be careful while purchasing these.

Also, the cleaners and deodorants we use are harmful while we use them, and less harmful when we actually throw them away. It can cause impurity in the environment which includes the air and the water.

Along with the above-mentioned things, the medications which we use are also causing more damage to our environment than we think it is.  Medicine products which contain methylene chloride are harmful to the environment as they can become a threat to lung cancer for human beings.

The drug has already been banned in the United States and has been discontinued in making medicines. Many people blamed smoking and second-hand smoking as a cause for the increase in lung cancer and did not consider what the actual cause behind it was.

Even the washing powder we use is affecting the environment to a great extent. The chemicals used in the washing powder are even making wastewater treatment plants ineffective and also making them work improperly.

Moreover, the bleach which is used at homes is also damaging to the environment as it can release chlorine gas if it is mixed with any other bleach. This can become a problem in the sewer system. It can also affect marine life and is therefore very harmful.

While buying products or anything for everyday use, people should consider the impact on the environment which the chemical would have.

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