Guideline for writing a Review Paper

A review paper is a document in which opinions and comments about a particular topic or subject are presented. The purpose of a review paper is to briefly describe your evaluation of the subject material. It could also be a review of a book, movie, or any literary piece.

The paper should provide an overall analysis of the subject matter, without going into too much detail. The reader should be able to comprehend the overall theme and the review should be written in such a way, as to facilitate the reader to not have to refer to the original text.

A review paper should not be mixed with a term paper or a report. It is an entirely different document that demands a different way of approach. It is not a document that requires details about an event or research. Rather, the writer should be able to justify the content written in the text through a balanced review.

A review paper combines the findings from various literature papers to present a final evaluation of a particular subject or an academic field.  Through a review paper, the reader should be able to deduce the main focus of the topic. Therefore, extensive research needs to be done on the original research articles on a similar topic, so that you may efficiently compare them and write your own masterpiece. The writer should, however, use his/her own thoughts and opinions to discuss the pros and cons of the subject.

For writing a balanced review paper, the writer should not only focus on the negative points but also on the positive aspects. Evaluation should be done in a balanced way. The review paper should begin by introducing the background of the topic or any other material presented similar to it.

The writer should start to write the main paragraph of the review paper, which would include balanced views about the topic. A conclusion should be made at the end, which should incorporate the gist of the whole article. Lastly, references should be included of any resource material used.

The review paper should be organized to facilities the writer to comprehend information easily. The use of headings should be made to highlight each paragraph and the paragraphs should be similar in size. This provides a well-structured paper. Remember to keep your review paper concise. Including any irrelevant material would be marked as unnecessary and one should stay focused on the main theme of the topic.

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