Argumentative Essay: Homeschooling and Mainstream schooling

Is Homeschooling is better than Mainstream schooling?

The process of gaining education consists of hard work and struggle and a deep compassion for learning. The ways person gains knowledge can have many mediums. Some people like to read informative books at their past time, which are a great way to learn new things. The human brain is capable of carrying out many creative tasks as it works at a speed we can’t even imagine. However, the conventional style of learning is done through going to school, sitting in class and giving exams. Most people, almost ninety percent, are gaining their basic learning through school. However, going to school can have many drawbacks and some people prefer the safe environment of their home and thus prefer homeschooling.

There has been a rise in the streak of violence and attacks have been done on educational places, such as schools. The outside world is full of dangers and anything can happen at anytime. Therefore, some people prefer to learn at home. Homeschooling can even be done by parents or the parents can hire a formal teacher to provide homeschooling. By not sending their children to school, the parents can also save on enormous amounts of money. However, many countries have started providing free education to all and this has increased the number of people who go to school. Also, it depends on the society because, in the third world countries, terrorism is at its peak so homeschooling can be favorable in that environment

The people in favor of homeschooling argue that learning is done better on a one-to-one basis. The classrooms are filled with students which sometimes go above fifty (depending on the school). With a single teacher guiding all students, learning is not done efficiently as some students will even hesitate to ask questions because of a fear for the teacher. A student-teacher relationship is not made properly and equal attention is not given to all children.

Moreover, parents can control the learning material of children and if they do not want a certain concept to be known by their child, they would remove it from the learning material. Children go to school and can learn many inappropriate things which are mostly done by conversing with different kinds of people. Parents can keep a check on the progress of their child in a better way. Homeschooling may even be done in less time than the mainstreaming schooling.

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